If you’re looking for an easy craft project this is it. It is simple and affordable. I love that it did not take me days to complete either. It could dressed up easily with any season as well.


5 inch burlap 10 yards or 12 yards if you want a fuller wreath

wire wreath form

scissors optional

other decorative items to add, like flowers, bows (jute twine or wire to secure it) optional

The supplies can all be found at your local craft store Michaels, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby or the supplies could be ordered online. I found the wreath form for $2.99 and the burlap ended up being around $6 with the 40% off coupon that I had. It ended up being a

Under $10 Wreath!

It is a very simple process once you get the hang of it. You are basically creating different shaped loops by pushing them from the back of the wreath form to the front.

I alternated between the top middle and bottom row. Fill in the width of each section with loops. If you want a fuller wreath then you can squish more loops in each section. Continue to work your way around the wreath until you end up where you started then loop the burlap back in.