DIY sisal jars

Below is another easy project for you that took me about an hour to make.

I have been seeing these jars everywhere lately. I love how they can fit into any décor. You could use these in your craft room, kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere you need to store something. I’m still deciding where I want mine to go.


clean can or jar (I used a coffee can)

glue (I used hot glue)

sisal twine or jute twine (I used sisal)

I had all of these items on hand so this didn’t cost me a thing to make. I love freebie crafts! You can find jute twine or sisal twine at your local craft store, hardware store or you can order it online, it should only cost about $3. I would recommend a thicker twine so it won’t take you as long. Another cool texture to try would be braiding the twine. You could also use any glue you had on hand, I just went with hot glue because it dries fast.

Starting at the bottom hot glue the sisal twine as you go just used a little dot, then work your way around the can in a circular motion.

I used a little hot glue every few inches until I moved further up then I spread out the glue farther apart. After you are finished you can go back and trim any long pieces or globs of hot glue.

You can also add twine to the lid for a more polished look. I think older kids would enjoy this craft as well if you gave them a different type of glue so they wouldn’t burn themselves. You can use this on food cans, jars or wine bottles for some added texture in your home.