The easiest deep hair conditioner

The temperature is cranking around here seems like the moisture is being sucked out of everything! My hair is really feeling the damage the most it seems. There are so many things our hair goes through like being in the sun, applying styling products, blow drying, curling, chlorine the list goes on and on. With my hair looking dry and frazzled I started researching for a deep conditioner treatment.

Online there are hundreds of deep conditioner options that you can try but I really didn’t feel like walking around with a raw egg on my head or paying a fortune. I finally came across a treatment that many were talking about and I knew I had to try it.

Coconut Oil

I did a little research, here is video you can watch if you want or the shorten version below.

Get some coconut oil and a spoon. I just happened to grab some at Trader Joe’s for $6. Coconut oil is sold in most grocery stores I seen it where the cooking oil is sold.

Wear a old shirt or something you don’t are that much about while doing this deep conditioner treatment.

I scoop out about that much on a larger kitchen spoon because I have longer hair. Below is what my hair look like before. I take out about this much in my hand and rub my hands together till it melts then I add it to my hair.

I pull my hair in a ponytail and set for at least 30 minutes but you can also leave this in your hair over night. If you leave this in you hair over night just put a grocery bag on you head or a shower cap. I tried this once but It wasn’t very comfortable to sleep in. After you sit just jump in the shower and wash your hair twice and condition your hair.  You can then style as usual.

Below is what my hair look like after my hair had dried before I had styled it. I really like how my hair feels now.