I like to think that it is the simple things that bring me the most joy in life. I think it is mostly the unexpected.

Last weekend we decided that it would fun to create a raised garden bed. My fiancé spent a few minutes drawing up what he had in mind and then we headed to our local hardware store to get our supplies. It was a simple project for him. Here is the finished product :) He’s great!

Our yard is a big rock and the soil quality is not that good so we knew we were going to make a raised garden bed. We only needed a few things.

treated lumber

stakes and screws to hold the boards together

weed liner or newspaper to cower the grass on the bottom

soil to fill the raised garden

seeds of your choice


If you are thinking of making your own take a look around online there are thousands of images to bring you inspiration and many different  material you can use.

I planted the seeds on Sunday. He asked if I had looked at the flower bed lately and did from the  back door but when I went up there yesterday I couldn’t believe some of the seeds were already sprouting.

If you look closely you can see the sprouted seeds :)

Do you have a garden this year?

What are you growing?