Strawberry popiscles are another exciting recipe for you and your kids to make! My little cousin was over so we decided to whip some up the other day.

She was so excited, I think she asked me 50 times if they were ready yet!

I recommend doing these the night before because they take a while to freeze. You can avoid the “are they ready yet?”


1 container of ripe strawberries

optional sugar, honey or stevia


popsicle mold or cups to freeze popsicles in

food processor, blender or fork


First wash your strawberries then cut off the stems.

Add the strawberries to the food processor and blend. I left mine with a little bit of texture because that is how I like them but feel free to get them to a liquid state. You can strain the mixture if you do not like seeds.

Taste the mixture and add a much sweetener as you need. I added less than a tablespoon of sugar because my strawberries were already sweet.


Fill you popsicle molds and freeze in the freezer and be patient. We waited about 6 hours but the popsicles were not completely frozen and did not want come out of the mold so 8-10 hours would be best.

strawberry popsicles

I did not have a whole container of strawberries so this made four popsicles for us.

Strawberry popsicle

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make your own gummies

Strawberry lemon sorbet is another refreshing recipe you can try as well.

What is you favorite type of cold treat?