If you love to cook food, you do not have to spend thousands on culinary school. There are certain things you can do which can help ensure that you are all set for these basic skills.


Sharpen your knives

This is one thing that every culinary school teaches. If you want to make sure that you can chopping skills increases. All you have to do is practice and also try to keep your knives sharp. This can help avoid pressure which can be the reason for missed cuts on your fingers.


Use the right peeler

This can be surprising to some but there are a lot of different types of peeler which can be used for a lot of different vegetables. It is important that you know which peeler is meant for what to help ensure that your vegetables are peeler easily. Also, keep a note about the sharpness of the peeler to help ensure that you can peel your vegetables faster.


Mise en place

This is a french term which means putting in place. It is always a better idea to first get your ingredients out and place them properly before you start out cooking. This is one way to you can work on your cooking skills in a much more efficient manner.


Dry meat and fish with paper towels before you cook

If you want to have the crisp skin on the top and tender meat inside. This is one method which can help you achieve the crisp skin you are waiting for. By tapping the meat with the paper towel, you are absorbing the top layer of moisture which can lead to the top layer turning crispy.


Do not always crank up the heat

crank up the heat

Even if you are in a hurry. This is one of the worst ways to cook food. It is always a better option to cook your food slowly to help ensure that you get the aromas right. Also, cooking food in lower heat helps the food cook in the right temperature without any danger of burns. This gives the food to soak in this own flavour for a longer time for the best tasting dish.


Put some thought into how you cut your vegetable

There is a reason why people cut smaller or bigger pieces of vegetable. This is not just for visual presentation but also there is a logical explanation. Smaller cuts will cook quicker and can give you dish the right texture. Also having diagonal cuts will ensure that you vegetable is al dente, a process where the thicker ends are not completely cooked through.This make the whole dish much more satisfying to eat.